E   Takashi

Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University

Graduate School of Social Sciences
Hitotsubashi University
2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601
Fax: +81-42-580-8642
Email: t.machimura at r.hit-u.ac.jp

PUBLICATIONS                 Japanese Publications
Journal Articles (in English)

Machimura, Takashi (2003)"On the Corner of Diverse/Reverse Globalization: The Third Stage of Global 'Urban Studies'," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 27-4: 957-959.(Review Essay)

Machimura, Takashi (1998) "Symbolic Use of Globalization in Urban Politics in Tokyo," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 22-2, pp.183-194, 1998

O'Leary, James and Machimura, Takashi(1995) "Between State and Capital: Third Sector Organizational Development in Tokyo," Comparative Politics, 27-3, pp.317-337.

Machimura Takashi (1992)"The Urban Restructuring Process in Tokyo in the 1980s: Transforming Tokyo into a World City," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 16-1, pp.114-128.

Chapters in Books (in English)

Machimura, Takashi(2006)"The Urban Restructuring Process in Tokyo in the 1980s: Transforming Tokyo into a World City," Neil Brenner and Roger Keil, eds., The Global Cities Reader, London: Routledge, pp.145-153 (abridged version of Machimura(1992))

Machimura, Takashi(2003)"Narrating a 'Global City' for 'New Tokyoites': Economic Crisis and Urban Boosterism in Tokyo," Hugo Dobson and Glenn D. Hook, eds., Japan and Britain in the Contemporary World: Responses to Common Issues, London: RoutledgeCurzon, pp.196-212.

Machimura, Takashi (2003) "Living in a Transnational Community within a Multi-Ethnic City: Making of Localized 'Japan' in Los Angeles," Roger Goodman, Ceri Peach, Ayumi Takenaka, and Paul White, eds., Global Japan: The Experience of Japan's New Immigrants and Overseas Communities, London: RoutledgeCurzon, pp.147-156.

Machimura, Takashi (2000) "Local Settlement Patterns of Foreign Workers in Greater Tokyo: Growing Diversity and its Consequences," M.Douglass and G.Roberts,eds., Japan and Global Migration, London:Routledge, pp.176-195.

Machimura, Takashi(1997)"Building a Capital for Emperor and Enterprize: the Changing Urban Meaning of Central Tokyo," Won Bae Kim, Mike Douglass, Sang-Chuel Choe, and Kong Chong Ho eds., Culture and the City in East Asia, Oxford:Clarendon Press, pp.151-166.

Book Reviews (in English)

Mitziko Sawada, Tokyo Life, New York Dreams: Urban Japanese Vision of America, 1890-1924, University of California Press, 1996, (Contemporary Sociology, 27-4, pp.398-399,1998)

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